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T H E  C O N C E P T.

Great art sparks our curiosity, creates a sense of wonder and sometimes a powerful sense of awe. These are the gifts that bring our minds to a quiet place and centre us more deeply in our hearts. Great art helps us to feel and to escape the treadmill of constant thinking. It can fire our spirit as easily as it can leave us stunned and amazed.

Every room can become a work of art, a place where we find peace and tranquillity, or inspiration and wonder. 

At Tangas Residence, we use fine art photography to create new reference points in the space, to bring a new feel and ambiance. These pieces of art can be used to stimulate wonderful memories and inspire reflection, or open the portals to our deepest wonder and creativity.

Combining the magical qualities of Mother Nature and the inspiration of the present moment, we seek to create something unique that will positively impact lives of helpless animals.

We aim to contribute to creating equality for all living beings.

Welcome to Tangas Residence, new beginnings in a partnership of creativity, inspiration and friendly connection.

L I V E  K I N D L Y