t h e  t a n g a s'

Toneya and Lochie are the principals of Tangas Residence, two young, inspired and highly creative beings who have formed a unique partnership to create new, fresh and alive spaces.

Artistic creativity, like many other skills and abilities, is an innate intelligence possessed by some and not by others. Both Toneya and Lochie possess an eye for design, presentation and arrangement, aligning colour, layout, furnishings and art to create a new and exciting aesthetic.

Lochie has a strong background in film, photography, graphic design and production. His many and varied roles in these fields have allowed him to develop a broad skill set, all moulded together with a deep creative power and an enduring confidence in his own abilities.

Toneya started her career in fashion and visual merchandising before discovering a deep love and affection for interior design. She has an uncanny ability to clearly see the end product before the project begins. She is bold and adventurous, whilst at the same time giving you the confidence that you are in capable and caring hands.

Together, Toneya and Lochie are a formidable team of creativity, originality and quality, coupled with care, integrity and ethical practice. They believe every earthing has the right to live and grow, that is why they choose to leave animals of their plates.

10% off all processed are donated to Animals Australia to help their ongoing campaings and investigations to stop animal cruetly. We are the voice for animals.

They invite you to join hands with them and step into the thrilling adventure of creating something new.